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Class Action and Derivative Litigation

Customized Approach

Class actions and derivative litigation are high-stakes, complex litigation. Ershowsky P.C. is ready to go to work on your behalf to achieve far-reaching results.

In a class action one or a small number of plaintiffs represent a large group of similarly affected people. Class actions can be an effective means to achieve litigation results on a massive scale that might not be possible for just one person. Corporate derivative suits are a related type of complex litigation brought by a shareholder of a company.


  • Represented lead plaintiffs in federal securities class action concerning misstated financials. 

  • Represented former employees of grocers, automobile parts manufacturers, and gym chain in claims against former employers.

  • Represented employees of major corporations in claims under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

  • Represented shareholders in derivative cases against board members of major corporations for breaches of duties to the corporations and their shareholders.

Market Analysis
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